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Cipher Types
[Cryptographic Algorithms]

Detailed Description

Each cipher type is identified by an unsigned integer. The cipher types available in this edition of libSRTP are given by the defines below.

A cipher_type_id_t is an identifier for a cipher_type; only values given by the defines above (or those present in the file crypto_types.h) should be used.

The identifier STRONGHOLD_CIPHER indicates the strongest available cipher, allowing an application to choose the strongest available algorithm without any advance knowledge about the avaliable algorithms.


#define AES_128_CBC   3
 AES-128 Cipher Block Chaining Mode (AES CBC).
#define AES_128_ICM   1
 AES-128 Integer Counter Mode (AES ICM).
#define NULL_CIPHER   0
 The null cipher performs no encryption.
#define SEAL   2
 SEAL 3.0.
 Strongest available cipher.


typedef uint32_t cipher_type_id_t
 A cipher_type_id_t is an identifier for a particular cipher type.

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