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err_status_t srtp_install_event_handler ( srtp_event_handler_func_t  func  ) 

sets the event handler to the function supplied by the caller.

The function call srtp_install_event_handler(func) sets the event handler function to the value func. The value NULL is acceptable as an argument; in this case, events will be ignored rather than handled.

func is a pointer to a fuction that takes an srtp_event_data_t pointer as an argument and returns void. This function will be used by libSRTP to handle events.

Definition at line 548 of file srtp.c.

References err_status_ok.


    * note that we accept NULL arguments intentionally - calling this
    * function with a NULL arguments removes an event handler that's
    * been previously installed

   /* set global event handling function */
   srtp_event_handler = func;
   return err_status_ok;

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