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srtp_policy_t Struct Reference
[Secure RTP]

represents the policy for an SRTP session. More...

#include <srtp.h>

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Public Attributes

int allow_repeat_tx
ekt_policy_t ekt
unsigned char * key
struct srtp_policy_tnext
crypto_policy_t rtcp
crypto_policy_t rtp
ssrc_t ssrc
unsigned long window_size

Detailed Description

represents the policy for an SRTP session.

A single srtp_policy_t struct represents the policy for a single SRTP stream, and a linked list of these elements represents the policy for an entire SRTP session. Each element contains the SRTP and SRTCP crypto policies for that stream, a pointer to the SRTP master key for that stream, the SSRC describing that stream, or a flag indicating a `wildcard' SSRC value, and a `next' field that holds a pointer to the next element in the list of policy elements, or NULL if it is the last element.

The wildcard value SSRC_ANY_INBOUND matches any SSRC from an inbound stream that for which there is no explicit SSRC entry in another policy element. Similarly, the value SSRC_ANY_OUTBOUND will matches any SSRC from an outbound stream that does not appear in another policy element. Note that wildcard SSRCs &b cannot be used to match both inbound and outbound traffic. This restriction is intentional, and it allows libSRTP to ensure that no security lapses result from accidental re-use of SSRC values during key sharing.

The final element of the list must have its `next' pointer set to NULL.

Definition at line 210 of file srtp.h.

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